Management Research, Educational Services & Training

Welcome to StatMind!

StatMind offers research and educational services.

Educational services are solely offered as business-to-business services, as a supplier to partner universities who are fully responsible for the (degree) programs. StatMind itself is not a university, and does not offer degrees. It links global universities and business schools that want to expand in emerging economies, to local partners and students.

StatMind is a founding member of Limburg Graduate School of Business (LGSB). LGSB has a broader geographical scope (Eastern Europe; Asia; and Africa) than StatMind (Africa only). In addition, LGSB has a state-of-the-art e-learning platform, and uses innovative techniques to market degree and non-degree programs as a service to its partner universities and clients.

StatMind focuses on higher education and research for emerging economies in general, and for Africa in particular.

Our educational services include turnkey support to universities and business schools (marketing; module/curriculum development; e-learning), and support to researchers (methodology; data analysis) for:

  • ¬†PhD and DBA
  • Research oriented programs like Master of Research
  • Specialized MBA programs, including Business Analytics and Data Science, and Logistics Management

StatMind does not accept any responsibility for the degrees offered by its clients. We work solely with accredited business schools and universities around the globe.

With LGSB, we develop content for universities and business schools to use as part of any of their degree and non-degree programs. Students interested in our content are referred to our partner universities.

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