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Applications are welcomed from students interested in pursuing either a full-time or a part-time Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). 

The PhD degree is awarded by Swiss School of Management.

A brand-new PhD programme, is the one on Logistics Management. Click here for the detailed information on this sponsored (by Roundtable Africa) programme.

Doctoral studies are designed to provide students with deeper knowledge on the given subject, train their critical thinking skills, and give them the ability to identify important research issues.

StatMind is offering PhD in cooperation with private and public universities in Europe and Africa.

The Structure of the Programme

Our PhD Program is a 3 to 4 year program. In the first two years, candidates develop their research proposals, with the help of a team of international professors. In year 1, two workshops will be organized, on Research Methods and on (basic, and more advanced) Quantitative Methods; two more workshops, on Critical Thinking and Qualitative Methods, will be held in year 2. During the workshops, there will be sufficient time for individual discussions with the workshop moderators, on the further development of the research proposals.

Once students have decided on the topic (usually within the first year) we will bring them in contact with a supervisor specialized in the topic.   

Support Structure

StatMind uses a unique support structure. Apart from the personal contacts with, and feedback from the workshop moderators, and the personal guidance by experienced international professors, candidates will be supported by a three member methodological committee (a methodological expert; a content expert; and the supervisor) that will monitor the quality and the progress of all PhD research projects. In the design of the data collection instruments and the data collection, preparation and analysis stages, candidates will be supported by StatMind’s Research Centers in Europe and Africa. Software; books; literature; and individual training and advice will be made available at any time!   

Admission Criteria

Successful candidates for the PhD Programme should hold a Master’s degree from a recognized university. 

If you are applying for a Research Doctorate you should prepare a brief research proposal to outline the research you would like to undertake.


The tuition fees for the three to four year PhD programme amount to Euro 40,000, to be paid in four annual installments of 35%; 35%; 15% and 15%. A non-refundable Euro 200 application fee applies.

Partial scholarships of up to 60% are available

Apply now and ask for the terms and conditions.