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International Action Learning MBA

In partnership with Business School Netherlands and local partners, StatMind is offering an International Action Learning MBA in the following locations in Africa.

§ Lusaka, Zambia (with StatMind Institute of Management and Development)

§ Kampala, Uganda, with Team University.

 Welcome to Business School Netherlands, a Dutch University of Applied Sciences

Business School Netherlands (BSN) has been active in the development of business professionals for around twenty-eight years, and we continue to expand our provision of Action Learning programmes beyond the boundaries of the Netherlands, creating a global Action Learning community of business leaders, all following the same steps to success, the ever revolving; diagnose – plan – do – reflect.

BSN established the business school in 1988 based upon our belief that the courses available failed to meet the actual training and development needs of business managers. We developed our courseware built on a sound MBA portfolio and in the process became market leader in the Netherlands. We continue to grow to this day with the same courage of our convictions and belief that our Action Learning MBA is the best option for a business world that is constantly changing and needs an MBA that focuses on real, complex organizational problems. We have learnt from our past experience, which means that we constantly assess each new situation, and make our decisions based on our vision of success. With these values in mind, we endeavor to inspire our whole student body, so that as business managers, they will grow and develop in the best possible way, establishing themselves as true professionals within their competitive environments. Our vision is to be the best business school, so that in turn our students will aspire to be the best leaders and business managers, benefiting their personal development, professional career and the organizations that have faith in their ability to deliver.

For more information and applications for all our IAL/MBA programmes please contact:

StatMind Institute of Management and Development - Zambia Offices

Ms. Jane Teleka (

Mulungushi International Conference Centre (MICC)

Annex 2 Suit 5  

PO Box 38806, Lusaka 10101, Zambia

Tel: +260955783773 /260966783773 / 260977783773