Management Research & Development

Our programs & fees

Double Degree DBA Program (StatMind with ESAMI)

- Location: Arusha, Tanzania

- Duration: 3-4 years

- Fee: starting from US$ 24,900 (payable in quarterly installments)

DBA/PhD Programs (StatMind)

- Distance Learning + Individual Guidance + Workshops

- Duration: 3 years

- Optional Master of Research included

- Fee: starting from US$ 19,900

Master of Research/Master of Business Analytics

- Distance Learning + Individual Guidance + Workshops

- Fee: US$ 12,900 (partial scholarships available)

StatMind Specialized MBA Programs

- Location: Lusaka, Zambia

- Specializations: General Management; Project Management; Consultancy

-Fee: US$ 12,900 (scholarships of maximum US$ 8,000 available)

International Action Learning MBA

- Locations: Lusaka, Zambia; Kampala, Uganda

- In partnership with Business School Netherlands

- Fee: US$ 7,900 (early bird discounts available)


- Locations: various locations in East-Africa

- Topics (2017/2018): Fighting Corruption; Microfinance Impact; Business Dynamics; Business Forecasting; Project Management; Introduction to Data Science; Basic & Advanced Statistics Using R

- Fee: US$ 795; free for degree students

- Participants receive certificates; certificates can be topped up to Masters, and to Doctoral