Management Research & Development

PhD and DBA

The PhD and DBA are designed to be our flagship programs. Our main partner for doctoral studies is Swiss School of Management, with campuses in Lugano, Switzerland; Rome, Italy; and Maastricht/Kerkrade (Netherlands). 

The programs are unique in many ways. Since they optionally include a complete Master of Business Research the program is open to holders of a Bachelor degree. The coursework is highly innovative and trains students in the use of the latest techniques and tools. New techniques, tools and topics are continuously developed resulting in elective courses; in consultation with their supervisors, students can tailor the coursework to their needs. Students benefit from the feedback not only from their supervisors but also from a committee that monitors their progress. This structure aims at a 100% success rate. 

For detailed information about the PhD/DBA and the Master of Business Research, visit the website of the Limburg Graduate School of Business

Master Programs

We offer a variety of Master programs:

  • Master of Business Research (preparing for our doctoral programs)
  • MBA in General Management
  • MBA in Project Management (based on a Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management that can be topped up to the MBA)
  • A brand new Master in Business Analytics