Management Research & Education


The PhD degree is awarded by Swiss School of Management.

A brand-new PhD programme, focuses on Logistics Management in Africa. 

Doctoral studies are designed to provide you with deeper knowledge on your research topic, and to train you in conducting high-quality academic research independently.

The Structure of the Programme

Our PhD Program is a 3-year program. Year 1 is for coursework, and developing your research proposal. In year 2, you collect and analyze your data. Year 3 is for the finishing touch: write-up and thesis defense.

Support Structure

StatMind offers a unique support structure. Apart from the feedback from lecturers, and personal guidance by international supervisors, our Research Labs give you advice on literature review, methodological issues and data analysis.

Admission Criteria

Successful candidates for the PhD Programme should hold a Master’s degree from a recognized university. 

Optionally, you can top up the mandatory coursework to a Master of Research degree on the fly. This means that holders of bachelor degrees can embark on the PhD-programme directly.


The tuition fees for the PhD programme amount to Euro 30,000, to be paid in annual installments. A non-refundable Euro 200 application fee applies.

Partial Round Table Africa scholarships of up to 60% are available!