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Modules for PhD-programs  

StatMind and LGSB develop modules for PhD programs to be offered by partner universities. 

Our main partner is Swiss School of Management, and its research center in Bellinzona, Switzerland.

Swiss School of Management (SSM) is internationally accredited by IACBE and certified by EduQua.

A brand-new specialization, focuses on modules for a PhD in Logistics Management in Africa, offered by SSM with local partners in Africa.

The Structure of the Program

SSM's PhD is a 3-year program. Year 1 is for coursework, and developing your research proposal. In year 2, you collect and analyze your data. Year 3 is for the finishing touch: write-up and thesis defense. The responsibility for the program rests with our partner universities, who are responsible for the complete educational process, from application to graduation, and accreditation.

Support Structure

Students benefit from a unique support structure. Research Labs that work under the umbrella of our partner universities give students high-level advice on literature review, methodological issues and data analysis.

Admission Criteria

Admission to PhD programs co-developed by StatMind and LGSB with partner universities, is via the partner universities that run these programs and award the degrees.

Partial Round Table Africa scholarships of up to 60% are available! 

PhD projects at our partner universities that fit in with StatMind's research agenda on social and economic development in Africa, can benefit from our Round Table Africa (RTA) scholarship. The RTA scholarship pays up to 60% of the normal fees set by our partner universities.