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Master Programs

For Swiss School of Management, StatMind and Limburg Graduate School of Business (LGSB) and other partners have co-developed highly specialized Master Programs.

  1. Master of Business Research (MRes)
  2. MBA in Business Analytics
  3. MBA in Supply Chain Management and Blockchain Technology 
The MRes program is aimed at junior and senior researchers who aspire a career in academic or applied professional research. An option is to include the MRes program as an integral part of Swiss School of Management's PhD program. The MRes is a valuable degree in its own right, and exposes researchers to cutting edge knowledge on research methodology; innovative techniques; and research on topics relevant to the African region.
The program is based on Topics, Techniques and Tools.
  • StatMind is a platform for research on the topics of competitiveness, international trade, micro-finance and organizational performance.
  • We introduce you to advanced, and innovative techniques, including data mining, predictive analytics, business dynamics and business forecasting. These topics will be explained at an intuitive level: the focus is on application, and understanding of the concepts, rather than on the mathematics behind the techniques.
  • StatMind offers the tools (software and analyzable data sets) to conduct research at the highest level. For example, students have access to well-documented data sets on international trade; (global data on) high performance organizations; and micro-finance impact studies. Students can make use of (training in) the best statistical software: STATA, Python and R.
SSM's Master programs consist of mandatory and elective courses. For a selection of courses, workshops are held for both degree and non-degree candidates. 
Application and admission are via SSM or other university partners. These universities are fully responsible for the complete program, from application to graduation, and accreditation.